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Nettle Soup

Nettle Soup

serves 4-6

I love nettle soup and try to have it at least 3 times in the spring when the new nettle leaves appear. Nettles are full of vitamins and minerals and have been used as a treatment for arthritis and as a blood tonic for generations. Only pick new young leaves as the older leaves can get quite fibrous.

3 medium leek or 2 large leeks washed and roughly chopped

1 kg potatoes washed

30g butter

1 ½ l water

2 veg stock cubes

2 good handfuls of nettle leaves roughly chopped

Salt and pepper

Step 1 Roughly chop the potatoes (I usually leave the skins on unless they are manky)

Step 2 Fry the vegetables in the butter for a few minutes over medium heat until they start to brown.

Step 3 Add the stock cubes and water to the pot and cover

Step4 simmer on a medium heat until the potatoes are soft

Step 5 Add the nettles and stir in well – the nettles should soften immediately.

Step 6 Blend to a smooth consistency

Step 7 add salt and pepper to taste

Serve with crusty bread and I like to add a dollop of greek yougurt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Optional extras.

For a vegan version of the soup just swop out olive oil for the butter.

For a meattastic version use chicken stock instead of veg stock and add chopped cooked chicken to the finished soup.

I sometimes substitute half of the nettles with cleavers for a mixed spring green soup.


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