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Fruity Autumn Chutney

This is a fabulous recipe if I may say so myself. Its an adaptation of  my mothers  famous Green Tomato Chutney Recipe only better as  you can use up all of those fruits and vegetables that are sitting around at the end of the season, especially those giant marrows you’ve just discovered lurking under the […]

Autumn Jellies

Make hay while the sun shines , or in our case jelly. Its time to get out there and pick whatever berries and fruit you can before the rain destroys them, and turn them into gorgeous jewel coloured homemade jellies. Last week we spent Friday morning picking our way along the neighbour’s hedge and […]

Gooseberry Jam and Blackcurrant Jam

Another summer jam recipe. We raided the neighbours garden again, this time for gooseberries (I forgot to wear long sleeves so my arms are scratched to bits,wont make that mistake again) .

We picked 25lbs of berries from 1 bush . How fantastic was that!.

My  jam recipe is the same for both blackcurrants […]

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

Its summer jam time so I’m gonna start it off with one of my favorites Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

My Neighbour Matt kindly allowed me to raid his  rhubarb patch today. Mine is still a bit young as the stools only went in last year . If you dont have a rhubarb patch ask around […]