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Green Garden Stuffing

“Green stuffing!” I hear you say. “why ever would I make that”. Thats what I thought the first time I saw  it  but it is well worth the making.

The  first time I had it was at my friend Donkeys wedding  in a hotel in Louth (dont ask why a girl has a nickname […]

Hot Cross Bun Muffins

Hot Cross Bun Muffins

In our family Easter is the holiday with the most family traditions. I figure that’s probably because we aren’t rushing around sorting presents and feast food like at Christmas and we don’t have to sort costumes and parties like at Halloween.

I was over at my friend Imen’s (I married […]

Spiced Christmas Cookies-Holiday Biscuit exchange

Christmas is the time of year cookies really come in to their own at our house  especially since I inherited such a great range of  christmas cookies cutters from my Grandma. My girls  are happy to spend hours rolling baking and decorating cookies  and peace reigns.

Aoife Ryan from Babaduck came up with this recipe […]


Last week I gave a  quick ,yeast ,breadmaking demonstration to my ICA guild . Since we had the recipe all typed up nice for that I figure its time to finally do thepromised post for easy breadmaking.

We seldom buy bread anymore as it takes such little time to whip up a batch of dough. […]


This is now our households favourite comfort food which is surprising since it contains a stinky cheese children would usually turn up their nose at.

Last summer our  french wwoofer Anne received a parcel from home with a very ripe Reblechon cheese in it and announced that she would make us a Savoie region […]

Onion Tart

Onion Tart

I love this onion tart .We spent some time last summer playing with the recipe and we think we now have a great, simple, fairly fast and very tasty recipe. Even picky kids eat it.You can also substitute other veg such as spinach, courgette or mushrooms for the onion .Still fantastic

Our […]

Apple Pie Cake

This is the cake we take when visiting as  everyone seems to love it. Its so cinnamony, appley and yummy.  This is another one of the cakes Mom used to sell at the market. It takes very little time to make and it uses up those eating apples sitting at the bottom of the fruit […]

Meat Pie and Pasties

Yum yum yum !. I love Meat Pie.

Not a very elegant name and somewhat misleading as the pie consists mostly of various vegetables. Mom makes it in the winter and I’ve started too as its a perfect winter meal.The  recipe we use is my Grandmas. This is a traditional recipe among the Finns in […]

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Today my house smells fantastic as it smells of baking Pecan Pies. I always make them at this time of year for Dads birthday as he adores them and they are hard to find here. I always make one for Dad and one for us as we love them too.

So I’m looking at […]

Lemon Scones

I spent the day making  both raspberry  and strawberry preserve for saturdays market. The smell of strawberry preserve filling the house  made me reach for a bowl to whip up a batch of scones to carry that gorgeous preserve.

I decided today to make lemon to compliment the fresh strawberry preserve. The basic scone recipe […]