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Always fancied a living  willow house after reading all those Enid Blytons as a child, want to make a living fence, grow your own willow for biomass , grow native willow for biodiversity, or just grow willow for basketry or crafting. We have willow cuttings available for all of these purposes.

Cuttings are available in approx 30 cm lengths as standard and cost 10 euro for 13 cuttings. These are then planted about 20 cm deep and should grow between 1 and 2 metes in their first year (Depending on their variety and growing conditions).Grow a few for crafting or a lot for biomass -its up to you.

We have bundles of varieties especially suited to the crafter including different bark colors and branch shapes.We also sell Salix Viminalis the large green willow for willow fences,biomass and willow houses.


If you would like larger  cuttings or willow rods for living willow houses and fences just contact us for a quote. 087 9808853.or theresa@thegreenapron.ie