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12 Tips and Ideas for Parties

Living out in the country means we don’t see most of our friends as often as we’d like, so we try to have at least one party per summer in order to catch up with everyone.  As our friends get partners and have kids, and our kids invite their friends, the numbers coming to the […]

Christmas Gifts – Saturdays at The Milk Market.

I finally remembered to bring my camera in with me to the market last weekend and took a quick run around to get some pictures of what I buy as presents for my family and friends so this post will be heavy on pictures and light on  words.

For Food Gifts I often  make up […]

Lemon Bars

When I was little we knew it was Christmas because Mom started making the Christmas cookies. At the start of every December she would start baking a few batches every day, filling old biscuit and sweet tins with all sorts of bars and cookies. They’d be piled everywhere in the kitchen and scullery (even […]

Gingerbread Syrup

In the bottle -the complex syrup. In the coffee mug- the easy syrup .Notice the colour difference.

I’ve been trying to make my mid morning coffee a bit more exciting for the last few months. Mostly by adding natural vanilla bean paste and muscovado sugar -with the occasional cinnamon hint. I really don’t like […]

Nasturtium Pesto

I was teaching a workshop here today on “Foraging and Preserving the Autumn Fruits” so I yanked out all of my preserving books for the students to read.  I started leafing through the R iver Cottage preserving book and found a recipe for nasturtium pesto which I’d always overlooked before but since my front […]

Market 8th October

After a long summer break I’ve finally restarted my menu planning each week and thus my posts on my market haul each week. We’ve pretty much been living from our garden for the summer and haven’t needed  any additional market food but since its the end of the season and I’ve cleared my tunnel of […]

May 7th Market

I was sooo happy with my shopping this week. Tobias at Noinin herbs  had fresh basil and new season courgettes for sale-summer is here. I also picked up some of his fabulous coriander- thats been in carrot salads all week and his new season onions.

This week is “Eat only Irish for a week”. week […]

April 9th Market

Very belated post this week but we’ve been busy as it’s now planting season.

This week we picked up about 5 kilos of carrots , a bunch  of broccoli heads and a few banana shallots from Steve’s Organic veg stall. The carrots were turned into innumerable carrot sticks and a very tasty carrot harissa salad […]

April 2nd Market

Doesn’t that look great. I had a hard time piling it all on my  kitchen trolley.

Look at that lovely fish- two Haddock and an organic Salmon courtesy of O Driscolls fishmongers and The Ballycotton fish guys.The haddock was baked with a red pepper butter and served up for saturday nights dinner  with sauted baby […]

This week at the Market

I’ve decided to try and find time to write a weekly post about what Ive picked up each week at the market. Whats in season, whats a new product, something I was given or bartered for or something thats just plain scrummy.This is this weeks haul.

Katrina, from Little Red Hen, is just back from […]