Hi, I'm Theresa Storey and I run The Green Apron Artisan Preserve and Tea Company and write and blog and garden and teach and.....

Courses, Lectures and Workshops.

After growing my own vegetables, trees, plants and flowers for over 40 years  I have a  huge reservoir of knowledge on the subject. Six years in university studying Plant Science and Botany also helped. Running a small farm and a artisan food business also gave me many skills to share.

I teach classes and workshops and lecture on a variety of subjects. I’ve given workshops and lectured at Bloom, the GIY Gathering, the Dingle Food Festival,  and also for the ICA, The Hunt Museum, Scouting Ireland, the VEC and Rural Enterprise groups.

Here is a list of some of my workshops/talks.

Home Preserving:  A masterclass from a master preserver in making your own jams, chutneys and marmalades.

Home Fermenting: Learning to make kombucha, cider vinegar, kefir, gingerbeer, kimchee and other simple ferments for better gut health.

Preserving the Harvest. Turning the bounty of your garden into delicous preserves, leathers, vinegars and pickles.

Hedgerow Harvesting. Use the wild fruit from your hedges to make wonderful jellies, jams, butters, vinegars and boozes.

An  Introduction to Irish Wild Plants – their uses and folklore: This is a fascinating subject incorporating everything from the Brehon laws on  trees and plants  to their uses in magic, mischief and medicine.

Kitchen Witchery: using regular pantry staples for healing and health

Introduction to Bread making: our quick and simple breadmaking method with all the variations from sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls to savoury and spicy foccachia

Cooking Like an Irish Mammy: learn how to cook a variety of  quick savoury classic dishes and bake some of  our traditional favourites.

Bake like a Yank: Learn how to bake such classics as real american brownies,cobblers, cupcakes, cookies, devils food cake and many more.

Organic Gardening: An introduction to the principles and methods of organic gardening and how to easily incorporate them in your own garden.

Wildcrafting: using wild ,foraged material to make baskets, wreaths, simple sculptures  and other decorations.

Foraging: Harvesting wild food- the tips and rules and when and how to use it.

Growing Fruit : Everything from tiny strawberry plants to mighty cherries, this is an introduction to growing your own fruit from planning the garden and picking the fruit varieties to grafting, pruning, feeding and harvesting.

Herb Gardening: we cover both the culinary herbs and the more common medicinal herbs in this class- how and where and why.

The Edible Garden: Instead of planting ornamental plants exchange them with  similar but edible plants- here we design and discuss a garden which does just that.

Composting and Soil Fertility: A masterclass on this subject for optimum garden health.

Basic Beekeeping: a very basic introduction to beekeeping for those thinking of taking up the practice.

Vegetable Gardening :an introduction to vegetable gardening

Kitchen Garden planning and design: specifically for the person who would like an ornamental kitchen garden.

Backyard Chicken keeping: A very basic introduction for those thinking of taking up the practice

Growing undercover in polytunnels, greenhouses and conservatories: Growing undercover means you can lengthen the  growing season and grow so much more variety. Here we cover all aspects of growing under cover from what to use as your structure, what to grow and when, pest and diseases and keeping soil fertility.

Greens throughout the year: what and where to grow your saladings to have  a crop all through the year

Natural wildlife gardening: What to plant, where to plant, how to encourage wildlife, and garden structure for shelter.

The complete polytunnel from building to growing: All you need to know about having your own tunnel

Learning to work with living willow:Using live willow to produce fedges, tunnels, houses and other living willow structures.

Basic Hydroponics: An inroduction to using hydroponics at home.

 An introduction to Aquaculture: Using fish as part of your gardening/sustainable living system.

Starting your own Micro  enterprise. How to set up your own small craft or food business, the regulations and hoops to go through and how and where to sell your product.

I am also available to lead groups on foraging or wildflower identification walks and hikes.



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