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This week at the market – Saturday 16th July 2016


       Its been a while since I’ve done one of these -I’ll try to be more regular.

It was quite a misty moisty morning in Limerick. Warm and muggy with intermittent heavy drizzle showers-  typical July (even if we wish it wasn’t). It was a slow day in the market. Lots of American and […]

"Kale,glorious kale"

There isn’t a lot growing in my garden at the moment . A couple of  of parsley plants, some sprouting broccolli (which isn’t yet sprouting), a few varieties of  oriental salad greens, a bit of swiss chard, and kale, lots of kale.

I thank the garden gods for kale. All through the winter and early […]

Seed Time

I love this time of year. My seed catalogues arrived last month and I’m making the final decisions on what to plant this season. I’m so full of anticipation. I can see in my minds eye the sun shining down on my garden overflowing with veg and herbs . I don’t see the mess in […]

Spinach and other Greens

During the winter my Polytunnel is full of  greens. Four or five varieties of kale , mizuna , mibuna ,  mustard greens, rocket, spinach and swiss chard.  Now its time to clear them out to make room for the tomatos and cucumbers.

The question is what to do with all the greens. I’ve frozen them […]