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The Tea Farm at Derryclough- Ireland’s First Tea Farm!

We are so excited here at The Green Apron as we are currently expanding our award_winning gardens and orchards at our farm in Derryclough and adding a Tea Farm.

We have been growing a large variety of plants and trees for herbal tea for years in our gardens for years. Our First commercial tea -Brew No.1 which is a Nettle and Chocolate Mint , Whole leaf Fresh Dried Tea was a Finalist in the 2017 Blas Na hEireann Awards. That wasn’t enough for us. Now we have started to grow Camellia sinensis- or real tea.  We are sourcing seed and plants from all over the world to develop a variety that grows well in the Irish climate. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and experimentation before we start producing enough to rival Barrys  Tea so it’s a good thing Theresa is a Plant Scientist and loves nothing more than working with her plants ( maybe she loves drinking tea more). Our second tea Brew No.2 using our homegrown green tea mixed with mint was a finalist at Blas Na HEireann in 2018. Watch out 2019!!!.

The Tea farm will be open to private visits in the Summer of 2019 please contact Theresa on 087 9808853


Our first Camellia sinensis or Tea plants