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Spinach and other Greens

During the winter my Polytunnel is full of  greens. Four or five varieties of kale , mizuna , mibuna ,  mustard greens, rocket, spinach and swiss chard.  Now its time to clear them out to make room for the tomatos and cucumbers.

The question is what to do with all the greens. I’ve frozen them before but as there is a continuous supply throughout the year, those bags of greens just sit at the bottom of the freezer untill they are freezer burnt and end up thrown out to the chickens.

I need something to use them up, that also hides the taste  as  the kids complain.

I’ve tried quiche .  A hit with adults but not my kids.

So last night we fried up some green shallots and garlic and added greens . we whizzed this up with a tub of fromage frais and then mixed it through pasta.The kids loved it .They ate it so fast we didnt have time for a picture. I think this could also be great on bruchetta or a pizza or as a dip.

Green Pasta Sauce.

2 Green onions or three green shallots

3 big handfuls of Greens. (we used a mix of spinach,kale chard mustard lettuce and brocolli flowers)

3 cloves garlic

Butter for frying approx 1T

1x 250 mg tub fromage frais

roughly chop the greens , garlic and the onions .Fry  in the butter for a few minutes

remove from heat add fromage frais and then whizz  with a blender  until almost smooth.

Voila!  Mix through cooked pasta, season to taste .

Another suggestion for using the greens  is to roughly chop them and fry  until crisp, then season . Have as a snack or with chinese food.( this works really well with cabbage) This is what you get in many chinese restaurants as fried seaweed.

You could also roughly chop greens and  use them to stuff a chicken for roasting. We just tried this. Some of the greens fall out and crisp in the pan in the chicken fat.Yummy . The rest are delicious having been steamed in the cavity of the bird with all the juices .


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