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Griddle bread

Griddle bread with Wild Damson Jelly and Homemade  Blackcurrant JamOne morning last week , horror of horrors !, I had no bread for breakfast .  By the time I realised that I had no time to prove and bake yeast bread .  A table of faces looked at me expectantly so I whipped up a soda bread dough. My friend Freddy had just given me the recipe . Its so simple and yummy. Howeverthere was  still no time to wait for bread to bake so I cooked the bread on my cast iron crepe pan. Took only a few minutes to bake and tasted great , especially with butter and a homemade Blackcurrant Jam or Wild Damson Jam like the above picture.


14 oz flour

1tsp salt

1tsp baking soda

12 oz sour milk/buttermilk

mix it all up to give a soft dough and put on a preheated cast iron pan or heavy frying pan  thats been sprinkled with flour . griddlebreadCut it into quarters and cook for a few minutes until golden then flip over to finish. Simple and yummy.griddlebread

You can substitue some of the flour with oatflakes , add some seeds or add some raisins  etc. Play with the recipe.


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