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Griddle bread

One morning last week , horror of horrors !, I had no bread for breakfast .  By the time I realised that I had no time to prove and bake yeast bread .  A table of faces looked at me expectantly so I whipped up a soda bread dough. My friend Freddy had just given […]

Busy Day Cake with summer|autumn berries

This recipe comes from the Better Homes and Gardens “New Family Coookbook”. Ive been making this recipe for about 17 years since I got my first copy of the book. Its very quick and easy and you can really play around with the recipe. Here we covered it in raspberries we crushed with a spoon […]

Baked Cheesecake

Ive always wanted a good baked cheesecake recipe but a lot of the recipes seemed a bit complicated.  I wanted baked as I’m not that fond of the gelatin based wobbly cold cheesecakes. They look so tasty but just dont live up to their looks. My friend Marina gave me this recipe last week and […]

Zucchini Bread

Much and all as I love courgettes there is a limit to how much I can actually eat . We are picking  over 20 a week and there are still the odd ones lurking under the leaves which you only find when they’ve grown to the size of a small child. I’m eating fried courgette […]

Lemon and Coconut Cakes

Yesterday at 4.30 the kids reminded me that they needed to be at the cubscout barbeque at 6. Having forgotten to tell the Scoutleader we were coming I needed to bring something to eke out the food there .Especially since we were bring the Bottomless Pit with us ( the 14 yearold boy). It needed […]