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Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb….

How fantastic is rhubarb. It sits there in the forgotten corner of the garden waiting for you raid its leaves.It never complains though you dont remember to feed it or weed it and it goes on producing  for  years and years .Its one of the first spring foods growing in your garden and it […]

Alternative Barbeque

Now that the weather has started to warm up thoughts turn to barbeque.

I’m not a big fan of  the under or overcooked meat  you get at a barbeque and I’ve found that once you are feeding more than eight people quality control goes out the window . Gotta love those crunchy sausages and […]

Make friends with your Fruit and Veg Wholesaler

Bramley apples

Yesterday I went to the fruit and vegetable wholesale warehouse and stocked up on onions and apples for Christmas cooking.

Most  people don’t realise that fruit wholesalers aren’t just for producers they will sell to anybody with cash.  If you intend to make a batch of anything to freeze or just use […]


Inspired by the fabulous felafels we got in Galway market weve been experimenting with recipes. Some have been too dry , others too cakey and others fell apart. . We recycled our deep fat fryer years ago so we neded a recipe that would  stand up to being flipped in a frying pan  or could […]

The Perfect Teapot

I love leaf tea.  When travelling I browse  tea houses, sniffing and tasting , and always come back with some exciting finds . This spring I came back  from The Tea House , Covent Garden  with a strongly smoky Russian Samover tea, and a delicate Nepal tea.

As we wandered around the shop there were […]

Chelsea Flower Show


There are a lot of pictures in this post and more on this page.

To see the gardens you can go to www.rhs.org.uk but I wanted to share the stuff I loved .

We’ve watched the Chelsea Flower Show  on The BBC for years and  I’ve always wanted to go but just […]

Courgettes courgettes everywhere.

This is my favorite food time of the year. Cougette season.

I will happily eat them three times a day, in fact I often have to to keep up with the glut. I get terribly greedy about them at the start and end of the season when I have only a few.  I watch the […]

Clover Bee and Butterfly Lawn


Last year I decided it was time to plant us up a lawn

I bought a batch of hard wearing grass seed from Garden World in Ellen St. Limerick .Its best to go to a decent supplier when getting your seed not packets out of B&Q.

The ground where the lawn was to […]

13th June Limerick Market :Pelargoniums and Chrysanthemums

Here’s a picture of me at the market today. Love it when its sunny.

See the pelargoniums on the stall.

Today I bought  a bunch of Pelargoniums to use as mother plants for next year and a tray of rooted chrysanthemum cuttings

I got these from Dennis who has been growing and selling these for […]

Courses This Summer

Courses and workshops in Kitchen Gardening, at our award winning gardens in Ballingarry.

Workshops this year include

Vegetable Gardening an introduction Kitchen Garden planning and design Growing undercover in polytunnels, greenhouses and conservatories. Greens throughout the year Kitchen Garden chicken keeping Natural wildlife gardening The complete […]